Stayed overnight at Jonathan's (my cousin) yesterday, and woke up at noon today as we slept at 4 a.m. in the morning. Man, I do not even dare to tell my aunt about it. Early evening we had this badminton game at his estate. Good game, I say. Until.. Two Malay kids (around the age of 7 or 8) disturbed us, requesting for a duel. They are the noisiest kids I ever heard. Being Chinese, I do not understand a single word they chatter among themselves. They just chatter chatter chatter non-stop.
But the point here is not the endless chatter, instead, I am displease with the way the game was play. The game was play with kids inventing their own badminton game. They jeered hard at Jonathan everytime he smacks the shuttlecock onto their ground (they can't deflect any of Jonathan's smacking as what they call). They initiated the 'no-smack' rule themselves (of course we ignored them). Jonathan get somewhat pissed off in the middle of the game and turned on his agressive mode. Despite my constant reminders that they are just kids, Jonathan starts attacking their weak point. Their weak point is rather interesting: can't deflect the shuttlecock when it's near the net or when we hit it to the middle. I made several embarrassing mistakes (fail to hit the shuttlecock) and was instantly rewarded with laughters from the two kids. Frankly, to be laughed by kids is a terrible feeling. I never want to play with kids anymore.
Call us baddies, but some kids ought to be taught a lesson. And by the way, I do not have any thing against the malays, neither kids. Also, Jonathan and I figured that we can't play doubles. Jonathan kept crossing into my area during the game play, I find myself avoiding him instead of deflecting the shuttlecock most of the time. We sure have to work on coordination more to play doubles. I like this badminton game more now. Play with my cousin about once a week (that's because it's our holidays). This coming friday, I'll have a game with David (ex-schoolmate). Can't wait.
posted by Mr. Dew on 6/24/2003 11:56:00 PM
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posted by Mr. Dew on 6/23/2003 12:44:00 PM
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Just as Madonna is probably considering face lifts (or she probably tried them anyway), my blog gets one. One that is carefully scripted to ensure maximum viewing pleasure [yeah yeah..]. The difficulty is to create the entire template with strictly HTML (Hypertext Markup Lang-blah, go figure..) and CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) without any images. Okay, so there are some images. Most codes are generated by CSS as part of my effort to decrease the file size of my blog.
- Anyway forget the formality -
today's a damn good day i say (I feel kinda odd typing in this way somehow..). Went to church in the morning. Benedict's first to reach, followed by me, and then lastly cuixia. cuixia's lateness is partly my fault too, i woke her a minute and a half later. she lost her keys too, forgot her wallet. Today's not her day I guess. As usual, we left church early after the doxology (i love the doxo). Following the usual procedure, we entered Shell Select (that's a business ploy to earn more money from people who simply want to get their gas tanks filled..) to buy some stuff. i met an old sunday school teacher, she commented that i grew thinner, somehow i do not like to hear those comments. my mother is saying i am not eating well. anyway.. cx bought herself mango pudding which was taken over by benedict for 2 seconds. you should have seen the confused [beconfused] + shock look of cuixia when her pudding is being snatched by benedict.
at noon, cx and I visited the library at bukit batok. nah, i ain't so guai (obedient) and visit the library, cx's the guai one, borrowing her usual danielle steels (romance story teller). cx had nana de coco for lunch. i do not know what the hell is that too, but it sure taste pretty good.

download several anime today: Narue no Sekai, Scrapped Princess and Stellvia of the Universe. These are currently my hot favourites, probably watching them later after midnight. Stellvia's real addictive by the way. jesslyn came to my place today, cannee (i dunno why i still call her this name) too. they ate my place, my mother and my aunt (i do not know if she can cook well, jesslyn says she can't) cooked up something new: sesame flavoured fried prawns as she calls it.
posted by Mr. Dew on 6/23/2003 12:34:00 AM
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I do not expect anyone to read my blog, diary, journal (whatever you call them) entries actually, but since you are reading this, I thank you for your interest anyway. As you have probably noted, this blog is hosted by Blogger, now part of Google. This service seems pretty good to me. Just one problem, the process for setting up a blog is somewhat confusing (very confusing actually). I am kinda hoping to see emoticons too. And yes, I am a beginner at these bloggy stuff. The idea of blogging actually originated quite some time ago for me. It wasn't after a couple of my friends put up their online diaries that I actually tell myself "hey, actually this can be pretty fun". Again, why blog? (I feel so silly answering myself.) Firstly, to express oneself I suppose. Also, I enjoy typing a lot (so much so that I once consider it as a career, not that I can type very fast though), perhaps this blog can satisfy me well. More important, to kill boredom. This evening, I surf some web pages for the keyword "just keep swimming" as this motivational tune that Dory (of Finding Nemo, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) kept 'swimming' in my head, no thanks to my friend, Cui Xia, who actually remind me constantly of that tune... I found several matches at others' blogs. Can't seem to find the song, I seriously don't think it exists anyway. Ignoring that, I started developing a 'hard-to-explain' interest with blogs. I started searching for sites hosting free blogs, one of which is Blogger of course. I found several others that have nicer interfaces, BUT I somehow felt more aquianted to Google. I do not want to start a blog and get an email in my MSN mailbox from the webmaster apologizing profusely that he or she has not money to maintain my blogs and have to close them, ya know.. The above explains all I guess, so I shall get started with my posts.
posted by Mr. Dew on 6/20/2003 10:56:00 PM
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